Mackenzie Gold. But you probably know me as the Dark One's daughter. Let's just get one thing straight, don't mess with me and I won't mess with you, got it?

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The next 2 statements in my askbox are truths my muse will believe in for 24 hours

so it doesn't bother you that jack's technically a princess and you aren't?



"Of course not."

too bad you weren't born in the enchanted forest you could've been a princess like emma


"Oh nonnie..I never would’ve been a princess, even if I had been born in that land. There I simply would have been the daughter of Rumplestilskin and his housekeeper, I like the way I am now…"

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The next 2 statements in my askbox are truths my muse will believe in for 24 hours

Send me two names and my character will react to accidentally walking in on those two in bed with each other.

Grab a marker and write something on my muse! ( Anywhere over my muse’s body. )

At the ER….again.

:/ sigh

u 2 good 4 these h8 anons basic bitches better back off



thank you?

(≚ᄌ≚)ƶƵ [angsty, pre-rumple death or disappearance?]





Mackenzie had just fallen asleep when she felt her bed shift and someone crawl into it. She sat up, rubbing her eyes and flipped the lamp on her nightstand on. “Mama?” She whispered her voice laced with sleep as she squinted at the person beside her.

"It’s okay sweetie, go back to sleep." She whispered. "I just didn’t want to be alone."

She nodded slowly and lifted her blanket for her mother to get underneath, before turning the light back out and laying down “Are you okay?” She said softly, snuggling up to her.

Belle nodded, hugging her close. “I love you, Mackenzie.”

"I love you, too." She mumbled as her eyes slipped closed again.

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